PARMAJ FOODS  is a renowned name among  major Repacker & Manufacturers in the Food Industry, based in Kolhapur for a period of more than 5 Years. The Company is engaged in repacking, manufacturing and supplying the retail and wholesale Markets  for Jiggery, Turmeric Powder, Chili Powder, Raisins (Kismis), Churmura and Food Products. And which the south west cost of India had been known for its Spices. 


We began our Journey with the Name of our Father SHRIPAL RAGHOBA PARMAJ. A. PARMAJ FOODS come into existence recently as a subsidiary enterprise of SHRIPAL  RAGHOBA PARMAJ. which has over 50 year of experience in Repacking & Manufacturing food products. We aim to create other consumer friendly, healthy products that are Natural, Organic and Sustainable right from the farm to when consumed. our vision is simple : to provide Traditional recipe based food and ingredients  for daily consumption to meet the nutritional need of the consumer;  As well as make it accessible and affordable.

Our Quality

Quality checking is one of the important aspects of our Organization as we check our sourced range of Packaging material to maintain Domestic & International standards of quality, Our quality checkers keep A strict vigilance over the complete production process.. We source our raw material from verified vendors to ensure That the finished product is of optimum quality. Sophisticated equipment and stringent quality measures ensure world class quality.